1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 Training

  • Are you new to Lightroom?
  • Can’t get the answers you want from Youtube or your books?
  • Need inspiring? 
  • Can’t get your lighting right?

Taking time to listen and watch how you currently work is the foundation of our 1-2-1 training – we find that going right back to basics solves so many issues.

We’ve helped people who’ve “lost” photos in lightroom learn how to structure their image library effectively so they no longer get frustrated looking!

We’ve taught people 1 light, 2 light and even 3 light “strobist” set ups in a day.

We’ve taken people from using full auto to understanding Aperture/Shutterspeed and exposure in an afternoon

You decide what you’d like to achieve and give you 100% of our attention to make it happen.

Here are a few ideas…

  • Absolute beginners – we’ll show you around your camera’s settings and show you what they do. Then we’ll show you some easy tips on the subject you’re interested in
  • Experienced – need to brush up on some aspects, or learn something new like “Off Camera Flash” – we can help!
  • Expert – we can organise shoots in cool locations, coach you on new techniques and show you effective workflows to make you more effective.

Editing Videos

We can edit your photos remotely – by recording them and creating a Youtube or AVI file which you can watch over and over again – here’s a landscape we created to show you how the “Gradient” tool works

10 of our specialist topics

  1. The Basics of composition
  2. The Basics of exposure
  3. Metering to get correct exposure every time
  4. Landscape – locations, composition, light and filters
  5. Architecture – ideas and techniques for great interiors, exteriors, city-scapes 
  6. Flash – using “on camera flash” creatively 
  7. Off Camera Flash – understand speedlites and radio triggers, light positions, manual flash power, light modifiers and choosing your locations
  8. Lightroom – full workflow from import to exporting your images
  9. Photoshop – You tell me what you want to achieve, we’ll show you the building blocks to get there
  10. HDR – a master of “natural” HDR, learn how we create stunning commercial and creative HDR images


We offer 1/2 and full day sessions – and also offer a bespoke structured coaching program.

Investment starts at £175 for a beginners 1/2 day session – plus expenses if outside the Leeds area. Full days are £300.


Help and Advice over SKYPE/Phone/Email

If you’ve got photos which aren’t working, or are struggling with editing ideas, we have can give advice over the phone – check out our critique offering here

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