Two reasons for intermediate photographers to do workshops

We have two streams for experienced photographers – they are aimed at you if….

  1. You’re just not getting out with the camera as much as you’d like
  2. You’re an expert in one area but fancy learning something new

1 – You know how to do it, just need to get out there and actually do it!

20-media city salford quays

It’s one thing knowing how to take a great photo, but if you’re not actually doing it, then our workshops are the perfect spur to get your enthusiasm back.

If you know your way around a camera and understand how to get a manual exposure right most times, then you probably fall in this category.

With this grounding, you can do all sorts – the kind of things we recommend for people like you are:-

  • Discover Workshops – challenge yourself to capture people, buildings and features of great cities like Manchester and Leeds, or hit the landscapes. We’ve got the dales and Yorkshire coast at our feet, so come on our trips to Swaledale and Staithes!
  • Austria Trip – Switch off that phone and enjoy a few days in the mountain, thinking of nothing more than photography.
  • Creative Night Photography – perfect for the creative type, leave your camera on its tripod and run around with torches to create something amazing! Using your knowledge of exposure you’ll find the technical side easy – it’s the creative side which is fun!
  • Summer Evenings – join our regular trips out over the summer, we love variety, so you’ll get lots of ideas for landscape, cars, portraits, Yorkshire towns. The main purpose is to bring together friendly people in a safe environment and show them stuff we’ve loved doing over the years. We’ve been to power stations, wheat fields, Haworth, windmills…. never dull!

2 – You are an expert and want to master something new

36-austria 2015 clients on workshop

If you want to expand your knowledge, we teach specialist workshops on:-

  • HDR – both capturing the photos (using our quick method!) plus editing the photos in LIGHTROOM  and PHOTOMATIX
  • Flash – adding your own light to an image is amazing fun, and really makes your work stand out. We teach general lighting skills with manual flashes which cost less than £200 for a setup! Then you can light people, cars, products, food… you name it!
  • Cars – we shoot these on locations throughout Yorkshire, teaming up with the TVR, Lotus and Porsche clubs to get some amazing shapes and colours
  • Lightroom – you will definitely want to edit your photos as your skills grow, and LIGHTROOM is a great tool. It’s a hell of a learning curve to begin with – we struggled at first despite using RAW editors for years. We have online tutorials and teach this 1-2-1 – great to get you started. We also record the 1-2-1 sessions for you, so you can replay them over and over till you remember them.
  • Photoshop – again, there are free YOUTUBE clips for you to learn from, and we can help 1-2-1. This tends to be for more advanced editing and things you can’t do in LIGHTROOM, but we’ll happily show you anything we can; things like Texture Layers, composites, masks, shaped brushes and adjustment layers.


What is coming up for you?

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