Midweek Evening Workshops

Evening Photography Workshops

7PM to 10PM – Wednesday Evenings – Summer and Winter

These workshops are ideal for :-

  • people with busy weekends
  • people who need to break the week up – we run them on Wednesdays
  • people after a great value workshops
  • people who want fun, short, more relaxed workshops over a wide range of topics

Here are images from the last few years – more details below too



Landscape Evenings

These are short sunset workshops, meeting at 7PM and showing you many local locations you’d never dream of shooting.

By 10PM we’ll be shooting sunsets in June, or using torches to light boulders and capturing light trails from cars of stars

Car Evenings

What We’ll Learn

There’s a lot more to shooting cars than just standing with a camera at head height and clicking – we’ve done commercial shoots for giants like Turtle Wax, and will pass on ideas we gained from that experience. This includes wheel shots, details, low angles, 3/4 shots etc.

Here’s just some of the ideas:-

  • Positioning cars
  • hero shots
  • low shots
  • detail shots
  • using polarisers
  • bracketing for HDR
And when it gets darker, we’ll demonstrate using flash to light the cars – using just normal strobist equipment. If you have any flash equipment, please bring it along. 

City Evenings

These vary from little villages like Heptonstall hear Hebden Bridge, to Manchester, York and Leeds.

Evenings in cities are amazing – so many lights, buildings look fantastic and watery reflections are amazing .

Cities are however intimidating if you go out alone, so these are designed to give us safety in numbers – as well as tuition and location knowledge from award winning photographers.

Portrait Evenings

Learn the tips and tricks behind taking “location portraits” – people outside, in Leeds and other great places.

  • what to look out for in a background
  • how to get the exposure right
  • what to say to people when you’re photographing them
  • how to “evolve” a portrait session
  • have lots of fun with great characters – like the Chicago Blues Brothers