What are Discover Workshops?

  • Usually on a weekend
  • Run for 8 hours
  • Visit great locations – city, landscape and coast
  • Group tuition –  we give demonstrations and tips at every location
  • 1-2-1 tuition – lots of time for us to help your specific needs
  • Fast and fun – these are road trips to include many great locations. 

Who are they for?

Beginners, intermediate and advanced

The demonstrations are suitable for all levels – the 1-2-1 time is tailored specially for you.

Where do we go?

We’ve done these so far – and are always planning new exciting locations:-

  • Leeds
  • London
  • Lake District
  • Manchester
  • York
  • Swaledale
  • Wensleydale
  • Scotland
  • Ribblesdale
  • Whitby
  • And many more!


What kit should you bring?

We recommend you bring whatever kit you use regularly, plus anything you are struggling to use.

The workshops are about you getting the most out of what you already own, and being shown new stuff.

The basics you must bring:

  • Fully charged batteries – lots of them
  • Memory cards – emptied and ready to go
  • Camera – obviously!
And for those with more kit:
  • Tripod – handy for longer shutter speeds, so if you want to blur passing cars, bring that
  • Lenses – wide variety is good, we have from 17 to 200mm covered, offers us lots of options!
  • Filters – polariser, ND, ND Grad etc
  • Cable release – helps keep photos sharp when using a tripod
  • Flash – not usually needed, but we can use these when it gets darker
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