Help with your photos

Need an extra pair of eyes?

Not getting the results you want, but can’t work out why?

Got a hurdle you just can’t get past? 

Where are you going “right” and get great ideas on where how you can improve

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Get our undivided attention

Get inspired with some great feedback, we can help with:-

  • Your existing images which don’t quite work
  • Honest constructive feedback
  • Advice on composition and how to better put together your images when looking through your viewfinder
  • Advice on Photoshop and Lightroom to boost impact or add subtlety
  • Advice on technique to overcome “in camera” issues
  • Advice on lighting to help create better portraits

We can arrange a skype/facebook/phone session where we chat over your images and let you know how a different set of eyes see your work.

If you prefer, we can do it via email – you send us photos, we’ll email you back our thoughts and tips for improvement.

All this for £30 for 1/2 hour, or £50 for a full hour

Book a 1-Hour session

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Book a 30-Minute session

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