What is advanced?


I’m not going to define what “advanced” is, that’s down to you and your “results” to decide!

The results maybe your performance in camera clubs, print sales, feedback from clients, repeat business….

Basically, you’re doing a lot of things right and may just need helping hand in a few areas.

What we can offer the Advanced photographer is:-

  • our knowledge on photography techniques you may not have tried (flash, HDR etc.)
  • fast and efficient editing “workflows” – e.g. for weddings, HDR processing
  • cataloguing, rating and image management in LIGHT ROOM – work smarter, not harder
  • critique of your work – either on a video, skype or face to face. A second opinion your clients won’t give you!
  • coaching – on whatever you like

This is mostly 1-2-1 training, but we’re happy for pairs or 3 people to propose training ideas.

Helping you get to the next level – whatever that is for you


Maybe you want to learn how lighting works – we can show you the set up for the shot above, where we left the lights in for you to see, and why we did each one.

We’ve been around; done the magazines, exhibitions, workshops all over the place, run a commercial photography business, built websites, run workshops and all kinds of other “photography” things.

It puts us in a position to help most people in some way. Even it is just sharing our mistakes (and we’ve made lots – that’s often how you learn in business!!) , or spending 6 months coaching you to grow your business.

We’re happy to meet for a brew to see how we can help before you choose the right path.


Welcome on Normal Workshops

Obviously all our normal workshops are available – you’re more than welcome! We’ll definitely show you new locations and it’s great to bounce ideas around on these outings! Don’t think just because you’re “advanced” these are not for you.

What is coming up for you?

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