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About Ade Wilson

Owner of McFade Photography

Ade took up photography back in 2003, when the first affordable DSLR cameras hit the market. As a keen amateur, he started out as a passionate landscape photographer – travelling thousands of miles a year to find new locations to capture. Unsurprisingly, he has an amazing knowledge of Yorkshire, Northumberland and The Lake District.

As new techniques developed through the “noughties”, he was always an early adopter – starting HDR in 2007 and soon after, the first speedlite-triggers came out, so learned “how to use off camera flash”.

Ade’s written for several photo magazines (Advanced Photographer, Olympus Camera Magazine) and has run many exhibitions through the north (Abbot Hall Kendal, Round Foundry Leeds), runs a successful commercial photography company specialising in food, property, cars and people for business (no – he doesn’t do weddings any more!).

Ade started running workshops in 2011 to share his love and experience of photography. All the workshops are designed to be relaxed yet very informative, creative and paced to keep things “moving” – rather than stop in 1 location for hours, we keep moving so you get a fantastic knowledge of locations as well as new camera skills.

His teaching style is to teach by example, demonstration and spend time with you individually – we were all new once and Ade takes times to explain the more difficult concepts in simple language, using analogies you can relate to – ask him about “exposure and beer”!

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